Multifunction Meters

Alpha 20A Plus

Alpha 20A+ is a compact multifunction instrument which measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase 4 Wire and 3 phase 3 Wire Network & replaces multiple Analog Panel Meters

Special Features:
• MODBUS (RS485) Communication (optional)
• Pulse/Limit Switch output (optional)
• 3 Line 4 Digits ultra bright LED Display (up to 9999)
• On site Programmable CT/PT Ratios
• User selectable CT Secondary 1A/5A
• User selectable PT Secondary from 100 VLL to 500 VLL
• Wide auxiliary Power Supply which can accept any input between 60V – 300V AC/DC or 20-40 VAC or 20-60 VDC
• Programmable Energy format & Energy rollover count

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