Multifunction Meters


NR 30 is designed for direct (up to 63A) and indirect measurements in 3 phase 4 wire/3 wire balanced and unbalanced systems

Special Features:

  •  Measurement of 54 power network parameters and current and voltage harmonics up to 63rd, in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced  systems.
  •  The Mqtt protocol is ideal for communication in distributed acquisition systems data - IoT applications (nr30iot).
  •  High accuracy class (0.2s for active energy).
  •  Backlit LCD screen fully configurable by a user (22 views, 3 parameters in each).
  •  For direct (up to 63A) and indirect measurement (x/1A or x/5A).
  •  Indications considering values of programmed ratios.
  •  Memory of minimum and maximum values.
  •  2 configurable alarm outputs.
  •  Optional: with an additional module of analog outputs S4AO (max. 4 current or voltage outputs).
  •  Digital output RS-485 - MODBUS protocol.
  •  Archiving of up to 32 measured parameters in the internal memory 8 GB.


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