SIFAMS’s Wide range of 15-600W cost effective AC/DC enclosed switching power supplies Elite & E-Power series are widely used and specialized for textile industry applications such as textile machinery, weaving machinery, wrap knitting machine, jacquard machine, embroidery, and braiding machinery

We are offering our clients a wide assortment of GAMM Series digital multimeters 6012 to 6016 and delta series clamp meters delta 1000A,300A that are widely appreciated by the clients due to their durability, reliability, easy handling, and low maintenance. Moreover, we test and check the entire range on several parameters to ensure quality, durability, and reliability

SIFAM’s modern touch screen operated multifunction meters Alpha 40A, Alpha 50A, Alpha 70A performs critical measurement operation of more than 50 electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, energy, demand etc. and has the ability to control the process by programming the limit parameters.

Smart touch screen operated Alpha PQA has the ability to track sag, swell, dip and interruption of the critical process. Sifam Tinsley smart PID temperature controller and indicators RE72, RE57 provide precise measurement and control the process by programming the HI & LOW limits. Sifam Tinsley Temperature humidity sensor P18D has the combined features of temperature and humidity

Transducers are often used to monitor the electrical parameter Voltage, Current, frequency, phase angle, power and provide electrical signals as an output to control the process, Theta Series transducers Theta 10A,Theta 20A,Theta 30P & Theta 40 are popular in this category. Our Modern analog panel meters, Smartlook series and contender instruments are widely used to measure electrical parameter.

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