Rail, Light Rail, Buses, Trucks & Support Equipment
Sifam Tinsley is also deals with Commercial transportation by supplying industrial measuring instruments and process control instruments. Diesel electric locomotives use analog meters and digital meters to monitor generator and motor condition, as well as the status of other on-board systems the modern Digital touch screen operated products, ALPHA series multifunction meters, Alpha 40A,Alpha 50A,Alpha 70A are widely used to monitor and control generator application. We also manufacture specialized audio level indicators widely used in telecommunication.

Our test and measuring instruments and process control instruments provide accurate readout of voltage, current, motor RPM, engine temperature, humidity, hydraulic pressure and other parameters. Many models can be interfaced to onboard data loggers, SCADA,PLC and telemetry systems. Theta series transducers Theta 10A,Theta 20A,Theta 30P & Theta 40 has the features of data connectivity and are used to monitor voltage, current, frequency and power parameter and control the process.

Sifam analog products, smart look series instruments and digital instruments Beta 10P to 40P, GAMMA Series multimeters GAMMA 6012 to 6016 and Delta Series Clamp meters Delta 1000A are used in the construction and maintenance of roadways and rail lines. Sifam SMART PID temperature controller RE72, RE57 track temperatures and control the process by programming the HI and LOW limits via autotuning the entire parameter. Concrete batch plants monitor and control mixing operations with our analog & digital meters. Meters and transducers are used to monitor motor currents on heavy off-road construction equipment.

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